What is data journalim?


I read an article about Data journalism at the Guardian, here is the link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/jul/28/data-journalism

After reading, I know an interesting thing that data journalism is becoming part of the establishment. Not in an Oxbridge elite kind of way but in the way it is becoming the industry standard.

I love the fifth point and the last point written in the article. The fifth point said that

Data journalism is 80% perspiration, 10% Great idea, and 10% output. It needs the data journalist spend hours to make dataset work, reformate pdfs and to mash dataset together. The data journalists mostly act as the bridge between the data and the people in the real world who want to understand what that is really about. The last point pointed out that data journalism is not graphics and visualisations but still all about stories. It is about the appropriate way to tell the story: sometimes that will be a visualisation or a map, sometimes it is a news story, and sometimes it is enough to just publish the number. In conclusion, it is no longer unusual, and is just journalism.