VOXPOP: how do you get your news?

We made a voxpop about how people get their news. My teammate was Eileen Huang and we done our interviews with people of both sexes and different ages from around 18 to 70.

There were two questions we asked:
1. How do people get their news?
2. The reason why they use their preferred medium?

Producers: Eileen Huang and Julianne Zhu

After interviewing people to gather their answers, I found out that the ways of most the young generations to get their news are rely on Internet like the social network twitter, Facebook and other news websites because they think it is easier, faster, and convenient. Besides, people of middle-aged prefer TV and newspaper as they get in habits before the population of Internet. However, most old people like the way holding paper to read the news.

Whether the newspapers will disappear in our future? My own answer is “yes”. However, newspaper will disappear, but journalism will never disappear.


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