Introduction of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media mainly for business men which was founded in December 2002 and started in 2003. The purpose of the website is to maintain their registered users get to know and trust their contacts in business contacts. Users can invite the people who they knew to become “connections”.

It supplies effective and safe social services with business value. It is a suitable SNS tool for white collars, especially for those who have international business enterprise employees or self-employed. However, it was not befitting students because Linked pay much attention to work experience and educational level. But according to the development of LinkedIn, it gradually becomes the communication bridge between undergraduates and enterprises.

LinkedIn’s Chinese name is a similar pronunciation “Ling Ke Yin” which means the voice from the friends and guests of neighbours in Chinese. A deeper meaning is that the voice of the friends and guests which from all over the world just like from neighbours. Anyway, this Chinese name has gotten a lot of praises from the Chinese users.
linkedin logo Picture screenshots from

Via this well-connected network, Users can:
1. Manage and public the information about your subject;
2. Look for and recommend yourself for the potential clients, service providers or to recommend other professionals to a related area;
3. Create and cooperate the projects, collect data, share documents;
4. Find business chances and potential partners;
5. Set up a discussion broad to the professionals who are in the same camp;
6. Find a wider interpersonal connections and expend the range of work and trade;
7. Paste or distribute the occupation information for job hunters, recruiting and so on;
8. Publish personal work experience;
9. Set up the engage relationship between person and enterprise;
10. Searching matching between basic relationship and material’ setting;
11. Spread the information in a specific relational network;
12. Know the working developments of friends;
13. Recommend or be recommended a working chance;
14. Do research of the company or worker which you are interested in;
15. Hunt a job;
16. Ask working opinion from friends;
17. Launch a poll;
18. Search the staff with specific skills, background and experience;
19. Search employment status with specific skills, background and experience;
20. Classify personality, hobbies, and occupations, provide targeted information service, the organize theme activities.

LinkedIn is not only a social media but a business network. Its commercial and some special functions has become the sailing channel of some business website.


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